Course Overview

“Plainfield Country Club, with gently flowing hills, where golf holes can roll across the landscape." - Donald Ross

  • Course Tour / Flyover (Hole descriptions by Gil Hanse)
    • Click Here For a Flyover of Hole #1

      Tees Yardage Par H/C
      Championship 432 4 9
      Plainfield 421 4 9
      Ross 421 4 9
      Hillside 410 4 9
      Calkins 404 5 9
      Club 345 5 9

      What a terrific opening hole and a great introduction to the course! Ross wanted the ball to move along the ground but this is a good example of a fairway that had become too narrow, so we widened it on the left side, which is the best side for approach to the green. We also expanded the collar to the right of the green. Before we did that, if you missed the green to the right you were dead. We also put in chipping areas, which give you the options of putting, chipping, pitching or hitting a high flop shot as opposed to just gouging the ball out of the rough. We also removed the trees behind the green, which is something we did on several of the holes. They were not part of the original Ross design and they provided depth perception that ran counter to Ross's philosophy.

      They eliminated an element of strategy because it reduced a player's sense of doubt, which is what good architects try to instill. Removing trees is always controversial but it is an important part of renovating a Ross course.


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