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Welcome to Plainfield

In preparation for your visit to Plainfield Country Club, this informational guide is intended to enhance your golf experience and familiarize you with some important club policies. Club members and guests have enjoyed Plainfield Country Club’s celebrated golf course for over 100 years. The original vision of Donald Ross has been meticulously preserved as the course has evolved to meet today’s standards.

Please observe the following policies to make your visit with us more enjoyable:

  • Dress Code
    • Our Dress Code has been created to provide members, juniors and guests with a guide to appropriate dress when at Plainfield Country Club.

      • Men must wear slacks or Bermuda length shorts. Cargo shorts/pants are not permitted.
      • Only shirts with sleeves & collars and mock turtlenecks are allowed for men. Shirts must be tucked into pants or shorts at all times.
      • Caps/ Visors may be worn with bill forward; please remove when in clubhouse.
      • Women must wear slacks, capris, golf shorts, skirts, skorts, culottes or dresses that are no shorter than 5-inches above the top of the knee. Shirts with sleeves and collars are preferred for women
      • Golf shoes must be worn on the Golf Course and practice areas. Only soft-spike golf shoes are permitted on the golf courses and practice facilities.

      • At no time are jeans, denim or cargo clothing, cut-off shorts, athletic gear, tank/strapless/halter/tube tops allowed.
      • Button-down shirts with finished bottoms that are designed to be left un-tucked may be worn out (this shall not apply to polo type shirts).
      • Men's and Ladies Tennis and Paddle attire are permitted during lunch hours in the indoor dining areas and on the patio at all times.

      • Tennis Players must wear at least 90% white tennis attire; for male players shirts with collars are required.
      • Tennis sneakers are mandatory but colors are allowed.
      • Women are permitted to wear tennis designer t-shirts. Tank tops and shirts that show the midriff are not permitted.
      • Paddle players may not wear blue jeans or blue denim of any kind, but relaxed athletic wear is acceptable. Only non-marking shoes are permitted.

      • Traditional pool and beachwear is acceptable and shall not be worn outside the pool area.
      • All members are responsible for ensuring that their guest's attire conforms to the standards outlined above. Club staff will advise members and their guests if their attire is not considered in compliance with the Dress Code.
  • Electronic Communication Devices
      • Members and their guests are required to exercise discretion in their use of electronic devices while on club grounds.
      • Speaking on an electronic device is permitted only in the locker rooms, a parked car, or the pool area.
      • Electronic device usage of any kind is prohibited on the golf course.
      • When in the clubhouse, electronic devices should not be displayed in plain view (as on a table) and should always be set to silent/vibrate mode.
      • Discreetly viewing an email or text message is permitted but not encouraged. Those needing to respond to an email or text message should do so in the locker room or their car.
      • Use of an electronic device's photo function adds to the enjoyment of members and guests and is therefore permitted in the clubhouse.
      • Members are responsible for guest adherence to this policy.
  • Pace of Play
      • "Ready golf” will be promoted. Please be ready to play when it is your turn. Take 2-3 clubs from your caddie while he assists others, read putts while others are putting and rake your own fairway bunkers. While moving to your ball, plan your next shot. Help others maintain a proper pace with suggestions/reminders. If you have reached your maximum allowable score, pick up.
      • Using our tee time system, every group’s start, finish and elapsed time will be tracked and recorded.
      • When guest play is allowed, tee times will be scheduled every 11 minutes (was previously 10 minute intervals).
      • Caddies will be encouraged to assist with each group’s POP.
      • When schedules allow, the Professional Staff will monitor POP on the course.
      • The Golf Committee will contact every member of a “slow group” within 24 hours of copleting their round. A group is considered “slow” if they fell behind the group in front of them, held up the group behind them and took longer than 4 hours. During time when guest play is allowed, groups will be required to finish in 4:10 or less.
      • A second slow play violation could result in a Member having their access to the course limited.
  • Cart Policy
      • Plainfield is a traditional walking golf course and the club is proud of our caddie program.
      • Carts are strictly limited to those whose age or physical condition requires their use.
      • Please notify the caddie master in advance if a cart will be required.

  • Arbitration of Claims
    • Arbitration of Claims Document
      *Use of the facilities as a guest or invitee is expressly conditioned on accepting the terms of the arbitration policy.
  • Lightning Detection Alert
    • For Your Safety - Lightning Detection Alert

      The club utilizes an automated lightning detection system capable of detecting lightning in close proximity so as to alert and protect those using the facility.

      • When the alert sounds (continuous but alternating siren and horn sound), all play must stop immediately. Each golfer should mark their ball where it lies and then seek shelter. Club employees and caddies are required to adhere to this policy.
      • Play may not resume until the "all clear" alert sounds (intermittent horn sound). Those found deviating from this policy risk loss of PCC privileges.

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